Stamina Pump Review

Stamina Pump smoke by Cal Exotics
Stamina Pump Smoke

Pumping …

What does it really do?

Does it really work?

Can I be the next John Holmes?


No you are not going to be the next John Holmes. Yes it really does work. Now on to the real question; what does it really do? In a basic explanation, a Penis Pump creates a vacuum around the Penis allowing any ‘normal’ restriction to be over come and even encourage to extra flow / engorging. This simple concept is often demonstrated in science class by placing a marshmallow in a vacuum and watching it grow 2 times it size. Once the vacuum is removed the marshmallow shrinks back down to normal size. So how does this relate to the Penis? Well first the Penis uses Blood, a liquid (liquids in general are not expandable or compressible only air) to inflate (engorge) expandable tissue, just like a water balloon. So the real thought behind a Penis Pump is to remove any exterior force on that expandable tissue so that your normal blood pressure will readily fill those tissues with no restriction. This is an actual way to combat ED (Erectile Dysfunction) when combined with a Cock Ring to prevent the Blood from being able to escape easily once the vacuum is removed.

Stamina Pump Red by Cal Exotics
Stamina Pump Red

There are those that believe that you can enlarge the Penis by repeated Pumping sessions and those results will become permanent. I personally believe that all skin and tissue has the ability to stretch as anyone that has gained a few pounds can attest, but that the amount of Pumping sessions involved in such a thing are well beyond what I would ever do and like any thing would be concerned of the end result not turning out well. So to buy a Pump to get a permanently bigger Penis may be STRETCHING it in the real world.

So why would you get a Penis Pump if you can’t be the next John Holmes? First and fore most if you are having a bit of ED this will surely help you through those moments when combined with a Cock Ring. This pump is an oversized tube with a silicone sleeve. The shape of the sleeve is not conducive to leaving it on to act as a Cock Ring during Sex. It is easy to remove from the tube once the vacuum is released which then makes the removing the sleeve easy also. If before starting the whole Pumping Process you had placed a Cock Ring around the Base of your penis you would be all set.

Stamina Pump Blue by Cal Exotics
Stamina Pump Blue

What about those that don’t have ED? A Pump is still a fun toy to have. It guarantees that you will get hard right away, and no matter what is going on around you, you will stay hard! For those that enjoy the sensation of a Rock Hard Cock, then pumping is a must to try. What makes it unique is the fact that it is not reliant on stimulation. The closest way to describe it is that it is that feeling you have before orgasm when you are very hard and then stop all touch for a minute or two to bring things under control so you don’t orgasm. Well that is what pumping reminds me of, the point were you are Rock Hard and being depraved of any stimulation. The unique part about pumping is you get that feeling without worrying about orgasming or losing your hard-on. Just complete engorgement and arousal with the tease of touch deprivation all at the same time.

I tried the Stamina Pump the way Cal Exotics sent it, because I would use the Pump for fun not ED I enjoy having it on for more then a minute or two. This led me to always having to deal with the vacuum tube and suction bulb hanging off the end of the tube. If sitting on the couch or laying in bed this is no issue, however if you want to move around and do other things (use your imagination … lick, lick , lick) while you are Pumping the vacuum tube and bulb can be annoying. So I took it upon my self to do a quick little modify. I removed the release valve and bulb from the end of the vacuum tube, and then proceeded to cut the vacuum tube very short next to the hard plastic pumping tube, leaving just enough vacuum tube to reattach the valve and bulb. Then I Pumped things up with a nice vacuum and removed the bulb from the valve assemble leaving the Pumping tube and valve with no cumbersome bulb flopping around. This is the same way that more expense Pumps are designed. So I feel I now get the best of both worlds an entry level Pump price and features of a higher level Pump like the Colt Cylinders.

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