Understanding the Penis

I came across this great sample video at Hot Private Lives about Hand Jobs and thought it should be shared with you.


Video of how the Penis reaches Orgasm
Discover why you Must know the Huge difference between Ejaculation and Orgasm.

The sample video starts you off with graphic animation of the Penis and all its related part, and reviews High School health class with out holding back the information that you all wanted to know … Orgasm SEX Orgasm SEX Orgasm SEX. For those of us that didn’t really get to understand our selves (or the opposite sex) this is a great starting point for understanding what is going on during arousal of the Penis. There are many people that say” what difference does it make if I know this, I have great orgasms”. I believe that the greater your knowledge on any subject the better you are equipped to ‘manipulate’ (pun intended) that subject. So if you gain a better understanding of what is going on with the Penis during arousal, you will be able to manipulate the situation gaining the most favorable out come possible.

What does that really mean? I believe that it can mean many things, but one that many women would feel is important to them is that their man be aware of himself enough to control having premature ejaculation. If a couple watches this video and then picks some of the other videos they may be interested in from Hot Private Lives, they will have the tools to add longer time and more pleasure to more then just Hand Jobs, but to their entire Sex Life.

While the video series focuses on Hand Jobs, teaching a partner to see and understand what the Penis is doing, it also teaches self awareness to the male also. This self awareness can then work to both partners advantage during all aspects of sex, allowing the partner to understand why the man needs to change his rhythm to prevent early ejaculation.

I encourage you to at a minimum watch the sample video here, knowing that not only will the other videos grow your understand of the Penis in action, but that it will definitely teach the fine art of giving an awesome Hand Job.

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