Phil Varone Sex Stix, from California Exotics Review

The Phil Varone Sex Stix, from California Exotics, are the type of sex toy that fall in the “fun” category. Who is Phil Varone, and why does he have a sex toy named after him? And why do they look like drum sticks? Varone was the drummer for bands like Skid Row and Saigon Kick, and has a reputation as a serious party animal. Thus, he has endorsed a variety of sex toys, including the Phil Varone Sex Stix, which appropriately are modeled after drumsticks. Ever noticed how drumsticks are long and have a little “bulb” on the end? If you look at them with the right attitude, they look like long, thin vibrators! These are shorter, thicker, and vibrate, so if you have ever wanted to use drumsticks as a sex toy, these are a better alternative!

Phil Varone Sex Sticks
Phil Varone Sex Sticks

If that sounds a bit silly, that’s OK: these are the kind of sex toy that falls in the fun, silly category. When Fun Hubby first showed these to Fun Wifey, and said “what in the world would you do with these?” she laughed and said, well, get creative! First – they would make a great addition to a sexy Halloween costume (or any occasion for a sexy costume.) You get a pair of sticks in the box, and they DO look like fat drumsticks, albeit shorter, with the plastic tinted with a woodgrain color. So – dress up with a fun big hair wig, rock drummer costume, and the Phil Varone Sex Stix, and have fun!

But, you ask, while they are fun for the silly factor, and you DO get two of them in the box,  how do they work as vibrators? Not bad, actually. Operated by two AAA batteries (not included) each, they have a high and low speed setting (accessed by turning the base, in traditional vibrator fashion.) Fun Wifey says the high speed was nice for standard vibrator play. They are no louder than any other standard plastic vibrator. Fun Hubby also notes that the extra length of the toy has some advantages, such as when you are in a position where it is a bit of a stretch to reach Fun Wifey’s “fun button.”

Again, these fall squarely in the fun, novelty category of sex toys. While they do work well as standard vibrators, they are targeted at fun activities such as role playing, parties, a piece of a sexy costume, etc. So use your imagination and rock on with your partner!