Lelo Smart Wand with SenseTouch – Medium

Elegant. Classy. Sophisticated. Sleek. Not words you normally associate with a “sex toy,” but the Lelo Smart Wand Medium goes far beyond what you normally expect in a vibrator. From the moment you see the box the Lelo Smart Wand Medium comes in, to the expensive looking packaging when you open it, with a satin carrying pouch, AC charger (the wand is cordless) and even a small brooch with the Lelo logo, and then the luxurious feel of the wand in your hand, you realize this is a step above the standard vibrator. But it goes beyond looks: Lelo has engineered their Smart Wand Medium with exclusive features such as SenseTouch, which increases the intensity of the vibrations when the wand comes into contact with skin, as well as 8 vibration patterns, and a matte silky smooth silicone surface. This has a look and feel that just screams “high end.”

FunWifey immediately let out an “Oh my!” when we opened up the box. The wand comes in Plum, Black, and Ivory; ours was black with a brushed satin metal, a combination that looked extremely expensive and well made. We pulled it out and charged it for a couple of hours, which gives the wand about two hours of playtime. We put it through its paces for about two weeks, trying it out both in bed, in the car, and in the bathtub. That’s right, the Lelo Smart Wand Medium is waterproof, which opens up a world of play options not available with most toys of this type. The 8 vibration options include a standard constant vibration, the intensity of which can be increased or decreased by a simple touch of one of the three control buttons on the side. The highest intensity is not as enormously powerful as the Hitachi Magic Wand, the usual benchmark for power in vibrator wands, but FunWifey found it to be more than powerful enough for easy orgasms. The Lelo Smart Wand Medium also has the advantages of being whisper quiet and cordless. While our Hitachi stays next to the bed, we’ve become really spoiled with the cordless feature. If you’re like us, you frequently have moments with a corded wand where you say “Wait a minute, let me untangle the cord!” or you move to a part of the bed the cord doesn’t quite reach, or simply get into a position that requires the cord to be pulled across some body part. Cordless lets this wand go anywhere you want to go, into any position you choose, with no fuss or worries. The other thing that both FunWifey and FunHubby came to appreciate after a couple of weeks of use is the light weight: it provides a rare combination of both being quite light, yet still feeling very solid and substantial. No worries about sore wrists after an extended play session!

A variation on the steady vibrations mode is the exclusive SenseTouch feature. Turn on this feature, which is as simple as pressing the middle button for about three seconds, and the wand drops down to a very low, almost inaudible vibration mode. But touch it to skin, and it will sense the skin contact and gradually ramp up the vibrations to the highest intensity level. Move it away from the skin contact and it drops back down. We were initially a little skeptical of this mode, but we quickly came to appreciate it. Not only does it save battery life, by dropping the vibration levels down when you aren’t actually touching skin, but there is some sexy fun in feeling the vibrations build up once it makes contact with your fun places! You can press it lightly and let the vibrations come up to a low level, pull it away, push it a bit harder into the skin and let the vibrations move up to a higher level, pull it away and let it drop back down, and so on. SenseTouch provides a unique, fun new way to play with a vibrator wand.

The other vibration modes are various patterns. Again, we were pleasantly surprised. Normally we check out vibration patterns in a toy like this and then just stick to the steady vibration, but FunWifey quickly found a couple of vibration patterns that were extremely enjoyable and effective in creating great orgasms. We quickly memorized which button presses got us to our favorite patterns!

The Lelo Smart Wand Medium just impresses in so many ways. From the sophisticated and elegant appearance – FunWifey said this is a toy she could put in her purse or carryon bag and not be embarrassed if it was pulled out in security check because it just looks like an expensive and classy item – to the silky smooth feel of the silicone, to the light weight yet substantial feel in your hand, to the innovative SenseTouch technology, you quickly come to realize that if sexy toys were cars, this would be a Porsche or Mercedes. Lelo is confident enough in their design and engineering to include a 1 year warranty, as well as a 10 year Quality Guarantee – how often do you see a sex toy designer stand behind their products at that level? Throw in the cordless feature, and then the added bonus of being waterproof, and you have a winner in every sense of the word. Highly, highly recommended.



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