The Lia Pleaser 2 by Cal Exotics

Lia Pleasers 2 is a sensually curved soft, flexible, pliable Pure Silicone premium massager. 10 intense functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. Soft touch buttons for power and 10-function. Safe and pure for body and pleasure made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials powered by 2 AA batteries. Measures 6.25 inches long by 1.5 inches wide.


Vibrations centered in the tip, 10 great functions, waterproof, ridged, appealing appearance


Functions controlled by a single button

Best use:

I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a g-spot vibe. I used this for my g-spot, clitoris and nipples. You could also use it to stimulate the outside of the anus or the p-spot. I found the best thing for me was as added clitoral stimulation during sex and oral. I also used it similarly to a regular dildo for thrusting, the ridges were too much texture for a lot of that, but it’s flexible enough that it works that way as well. Since there isn’t a flared base, I wouldn’t recommend letting go if you choose to use this for anal stimulation. It isn’t something you would want to lose up there, I am sure.

Material / Texture:

Lia is silicone and feels soft and smooth, much like skin. It’s firm but still has some flex to it, but not so much you couldn’t hit your g-spot. It doesn’t have any odors or tastes that I noticed. It does have three ridges just beneath the head of the toy which add extra stimulation when using it. Beyond that, it is a smooth toy.

Design / Shape / Size:

I like the design it looks like a tentacle its cool looking :-)!!The overall length of the Lia is about 6 and a quarter inches from top to bottom. The width is an inch it’s a nice sized toy!!!

Functions / Performance / Controls:

The function control was a bit odd for me and I worry about there being mix ups or that it will not last very long. There are two push buttons on the handle. Both look very similar. The power button is on the “front”.

To use the vibration you push the power button on the front side. This turns it on in the first setting. Pushing the vibration button on the backside will cycle through all of the various functions. So you have to count them to know what function you are on. The vibrations, to me, were pretty strong and after holding the toy in my hand going through the functions for about 10 minutes my hand is tingly.

  • Power on
  • Function 1 = Low Steady Rumble
  • Function 2 = Medium High Steady Buzz
  • Function 3 = High Steady Buzz
  • Function 4 = Steady Rapid Pulse.
  • Function 5 = .-.-.-.-.-.
  • Function 6 = ..-..-..-..-
  • Function 7 = Escalating Pulse 1,2,3,4,5 Starting at a low rumble going into a high buzz
  • Function 8 = This one is hard to describe It made me think of a helicopter. Very rumbly. It is a steady escalating vibration. About halfway to the high setting it pulses twice, then at the highest point it pulses twice.
  • Function 9 = Slow steady escalation of vibrations, two pulses, then slowly goes back to lowest vibration and pulses twice.
  • Function 10 = Escalating pulse 1,2,3 then slow escalation



  • Escalating / Pulsating / Vibrating

Special Features:

  • Multifunction
  • Powerful
  • Waterproof
  • Control type:
  • Built in control pad

Powered By:

  • Aa-2

Care and Maintenance:

Since it is a silicone toy, you have to use water based lubes with it. When I took mine out of the box, I washed it with my Climax Bursts toy cleaner. It took to the cleaning just fine. I also cleaned it in warm water and my toy cleaner after use and just shook it off and let it air dry on the plastic box it came in before I stored it back in the box. If you choose to do so, this toy can be sterilized in a 10% bleach solution (recommended after any anal use, or sharing) or simply use a condom.

Care and cleaning:

  • Soap and water


I found the packaging to be informative and pleasant to look at. It was clear so you got a good look at the toy which is something I love. I hate toys in solid boxes because it makes the toy seem ambiguous.

Personal comments:

The package is appealing, so I think it would make a nice gift; it isn’t too much bigger than the toy itself, so it would make an okay place to store the toy. I tend to be a little picky when it comes to vibrators because I am kind of sensitive and they can make me go numb. This toy was strong enough that I found it stimulating and not boring, but not so strong that my clit or nipples went numb when I used it.


The first thing I did was take a whole lot of pictures of it and the box. Then I fondled it and put batteries inside. I washed it and rubbed the silicone against my skin in an effort to familiarize myself with the toy. I noticed it said waterproof and decided to make that my first test and I took Lia to the shower with me. She held up fine in the shower. I’m pretty sure I found and stimulated my g-spot which was entirely new to me, but g-spot stimulation alone was not enough to make me orgasm. It felt amazing. I got close three or four times but that stimulation alone wasn’t enough. I decided I would test it out in partner play.

I got out of the shower and waved Lia at my fiancee and explained that I needed more and he was more than happy to oblige. He used it on me for a while and while it felt nice, it wasn’t enough even when he used his tongue in addition, so I took the toy and told him lets just have sex. While he was inside and stimulating me, I used the Lia to rub my clit, labia and the top of his cock. My g-spot was very sensitive from all the stimulation and I quickly had an orgasm followed by two more short and fast orgasms. Overall, I am very satisfied with the Lia Pleasure 2!!!!!


  • Five Stars

Intensity Level:

  • 4 Vrooms

Noise level:

  • 4 lil noisey

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