Gaia, the first line of biodegradable vibrators

Blush Novelties is excited to introduce Gaia, the first line of biodegradable vibrators. gaiacolors
Made of BioFeel, a bioplastic or polymer compound mixed with cornstarch, the vibrator is biodegradable. At Blush Novelties, we’re always looking to be innovative with our choice of materials. This material was the perfect choice for a vibrator since it’s nonporous, making it completely safe and clean for use in the body.

Most people don’t consider the waste of discarded sex toys, but in an industry with $15 billion dollars of sales and 19% of those sales comprised of vibrators, there are potentially hundreds of thousands of vibrators discarded per year. gaiablueThe most popular materials used (silicone, TPE, and PVC) are not biodegradable and will leave a substantial carbon footprint long after you’ve enjoyed your product. The Gaia line takes away the guilt of ecological damage caused to the environment through your pursuit of pleasure. Our bioplastic will biodegrade within 47-90 days in a commercial composting facility.

The Gaia line released its’ first product, the Eco, this week. gaiagreenThe Eco is a classic vibrator design that can be used for internal or external stimulation with multi-speed vibrations and an easy twist dial control. It’s currently available in three nature inspired colors: coral, aqua and green. We are hoping to expand the line in the future due to customer demand. The Eco will retail for $14.30 and be available at adult retailers throughout the country.

gaiapinkWith global warming becoming a bigger issue each year, at least you know there is one company thinking of your pleasure and the environment!

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