His Miracle Massager Stroker Kit Review

His Miracle Massager Stroker Kit” From California Exotics, this toy looks like some women’s wand style vibrators, with two speeds, AC powered, and the vibration coming via a knob at the end of the handle. What makes this one a toy for the man is a sleeve with ribs on the inside, which attaches to that knob and conveys the vibrations (there aren’t any “strokes” in spite of the name) to his cock. We’re a couple who has experimented with just about every kind of sex toy out there, but we’ve never played with a men’s toy like the “His Miracle Massager Stroker Kit” and to be honest, we were skeptical when we looked at the big rubber sleeve and the wand. However, an hour after we pulled it out of the box and started playing with it, we both had huge silly grins on our faces!

His Miracle Massager Stroker Kit
His Miracle Massager Stroker Kit

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We-Vibe 3 | 40% stronger and Remote Controled

I’m not sure how they arrived at 40% more power for the We-Vibe 3, whether that means a bigger weight giving strong vibration, or a faster motor give more vibrations, or some combination of the two, but more Power is always a good thing.

Of course all the features that you have come to love in the We-Vibe and We-Vibe 2 like being waterproof, 100% lead-free, phthalate-free medical grade silicone and Eco-friendly still pertains to the We-Vibe 3, and like the We-Vibe 2 the 3 is offered in Purple / Red / Teal.