Rechargeable Version of Magic Wand Now Available

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NAPA, Calif. — A rechargeable edition of the Magic Wand personal massager was introduced at the recent International Lingerie Show (ILS) in Las Vegas.

The well-known massager brand, previously the “Hitachi Magic Wand,” now offers consumers the choice of both a cordless and a corded version.

Cordless Hitachi Magic Wand
Cordless Hitachi Magic Wand

The new Magic Wand Rechargeable, in addition to being cordless, includes features like four power intensities, four vibration patterns and a smooth silicone head. For ultimate flexibility, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is plug-and-play and can be used while plugged in.See more now … “Rechargeable Version of Magic Wand Now Available”

Lace Eye Mask

Lace Eye Mask Satin Ribbon Ties Black O/S

Lace Eye Mask Satin Ribbon Ties Black O/S Lace Eye Mask Satin Ribbon Ties Black O/S
Galloon lace eye mask, marrow edge eye cut-outs, and satin ribbon ties. Holiday Edition or Valentine’s Day Lace Eye Mask Satin Ribbon Ties Black one size fit most from Seven ’til Midnight.
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CB-3000 Male Male Chasity Device – Pink

CB-3000 Complete Package Cage, Rings and Lock in Pink

Complete Package includes Cage Rings and Lock from CBX Male Chasity. CB-3000 Male Male Chasity Device packages come with the following: one cage portion, five different sized rings, locking pins, spacers, padlock, five individually placement locks, and a zippered storage pouch. Plus a free sample of System JO Premium Silicone Lubricant with every product. Cock cage measures 3.0 inches long with an inner diameter of 1.45 inches. Two guide pins brace the top pieces, while a locking pin runs through the recessed center hole, connecting the cage to the ring.
Each CB-3000 comes with a range of ring sizes, from 1.5 inches to 2 inches diameter. Cock cage is made from sturdy yet light weight polycarbonate, with slats for improved ventilation. Ease of urination and hygienic maintenance. Easy to clean. Phthalate free materials: polycarbonate cock cage, metal padlock.

CB-3000 Male Male Chasity Device – Pink

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Travel Gripper B.J. and Pussy, from California Exotics

When FunWifey and I pulled the Travel Gripper B.J. and Pussy out of the box, I started looking for the instructions. FunWifey said “Um, do you REALLY need instructions? It has a hole in each end, and that’s where your penis goes.” Good point. The Travel Gripper is simple, yet very effective for its intended use. It is a nicely heavy and thick rubber (Made of Pure Skin®/TPR) toy with a hole on one end that represents a mouth and one on the other end that represents a pussy. But as simple as it appears, California Exotics has done a very nice job in terms of overall quality: it feels substantial, as the Pure Skin®/TPR used combines a weight that implies quality with a very velvety soft feeling on the inside that results in comfort and pleasure. It’s not small enough to fit in your pocket (that’s a good thing!) but it is small enough to easily fit in a drawer or small travel bag.

Travel Gripper BJ and Pussy
Travel Gripper BJ and Pussy

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