How To Incorporate Sex Toys Into Your Favorite Sex Positions

Experience orgasms like you’ve never had before!



Missionary can deliver you both what you want: great penetration for him, and clitoral stimulation for her. Want to intensify the experience? Increase the stimulation to you favorite body parts with a vibrating c-ring. Good vibrations and a prolonged erection? Yes please!

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We-Vibe 3 | 40% stronger and Remote Controled

I’m not sure how they arrived at 40% more power for the We-Vibe 3, whether that means a bigger weight giving strong vibration, or a faster motor give more vibrations, or some combination of the two, but more Power is always a good thing.

Of course all the features that you have come to love in the We-Vibe and We-Vibe 2 like being waterproof, 100% lead-free, phthalate-free medical grade silicone and Eco-friendly still pertains to the We-Vibe 3, and like the We-Vibe 2 the 3 is offered in Purple / Red / Teal.